Friday, January 14, 2011

MURoC 2011 FAQ

This FAQ section is going to be updated frequently.

A. General

1. Where the competitions will be held?
    Dewan 2020, Kangar, Perlis

2. Can our student stay at the UniMAP hostel?
    Yes with a reasonable price. Only student is allowed to stay in the hostel.
    Please call Pn Fadzliah (012-4322096).

3. Can we get back our competition fee if we withdraw after 14 January 2011?
    No, the last date for participants to withdraw from the competition is 14 January 2011.

4. Can you explain more about reserve robot? Should it 100% same with main robot?
    Reserve robot may not 100% same with main robot for any competition. However, main robot is the main
    priority for each game. Reserve robot is allowed when the main robot failed to function properly. Request
    from Judges or Marshall to use the reserve robot is required. The use of reserve robot as a strategy
    technique is strictly prohibited. The spirit of fair play is needed.

5. Can we use other type of PIC16F877 that has been given to us?
    Yes, you can use other type of PIC as long as it is product of Microchip Technology. Please refer to the
    rules and regulations.

6. How the robot inspection been carried out (especially the used of PIC MCU)?
    The marshall will inspect the robot during the inspection time (schedule will made available). The used of
    PIC will be verified and noted in the form by the marshall. Type of PIC model number will be noted.

7. How do you measure the size of robot?
    We will provide the reference box (made from plywood). Your robot will be asked to place inside the box.
    If the robot fit perfectly in the box, your robot will be allowed to enter the game and vice versa.
B. Paintball Robot

1. Can we use PS2 wireless controller in this game?
    Yes. You can use PS2 wireless controller in this game. However, it is good if you can used proper remote
    control (RC) in this game to avoid transmit/receive range problem. If you're using low cost remote control
    (interchangeable crystal), please make sure you bring along at least 6 set of frequency crystal to avoid any

2. What happen if the opponent team used signal jammer during the competition?
    The team that was identified used signal jammer will be banned from competition.

3. If we design three robots where two of robots will be installed with paintball marker and one robot will act
    as flag picker. Did we still get 30 pallets per robot or 90 pallets for total of it?
    30 pallets per robot is only for robot that installed with paintball marker. The balance of pallets will be
    collected after each game.

C. Fire Fighting Robot

1. What is the material used to develop the 'house' area?
    It was made from plywood.

2. Can you specific the color code used in the 'house' area?
    Floor = Conifer 13339 ICI Dulux Pentalite Matt
    Wall = White 101 Dulux Pentalite Matt

D. Rope Climbing Robot

1. What type of rope used in this game?
    Nylon rope

2. What is the fastest record of rope climbing robot?
    13 seconds / 2.5 meters

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