Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Malaysian University Robot Competitions (MURoC) has been successfully organised in January 2010. A total of 21 teams from 7 institutions were involved and UPM was announced as the overall winner in the competition. An enthusiastic participation has shown that robotic technology had flourished in Malaysia and has become one of the niche areas in almost every institution of higher learning.

UniMAP is taking this opportunity to once again organise MURoC, which will be held in February 2011, with ever more entry openings to all public and private universities.
Participation is open to undergraduate students, masters and doctorate. Coordinator of each group may consist of lecturers or students. Each game will have rules and regulation that will be provided by the technical committee. Apart from participating in the competition, each team must present an academic poster, related to the development of the robot, to be judged.

There will be three games contested; Fire Fighting Robot, Paintball Robot and Rope Climbing Robot. Three prizes will be given in each game; Winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up. In addition, special prizes will be awarded in the category of Best Design, Best Poster & Presentation and Best Booth.

Rope Climbing Robot
Rope Climbing Robot is a game based on the military physical training. The Rope Climbing Robot is required to climb a 4.5 meter (177”) rope in three minutes. This exercise is completed when the robot touched the dedicated round plate (CLIMB) at the end of the rope. Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round.

Fire Fighting Robot
Fire Fighting Robot is a game based on fire fighter rescue mission (consists of victim rescue and fire extinguish activities). The Fire Fighting Robot will be required to search around the house (field) victims and rescue as much as possible, while extinguishing fire in three minutes. This exercise is completed when the robot returns to the starting zone (RESCUE). Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round.

Paintball Robot Competition
Paintball Robot is inspired from the paintball game and has the same basic rule. The game will be ended when the robots can bring back the opponent competition flag to the starting zone (ACCOMPLISH). Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round for five minutes. Each team is represented by 3 operators responsible in controlling the robot via remote control, 3 pit crews responsible for setting up of the robots and an instructor.

RM 150.00 per group


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